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Friday, July 9, 2010

Still Chugging Along

I had to modify the Eat to Live plan to suit my status as a mom and wife. I was trying to cook two meals on many evenings, and it was just getting ridiculous. So, I have compromised with making a vegan dinner for my family 4-5 times a week, and cooking them something with meat on the other 2-3. On those nights, I eat leftovers or simply a salad with beans. It seems to be working well. My dh definitely does not LOVE any of the vegan dishes, but he also isn't complaining. My kids are iffy on some, but have enjoyed others. I'll post some of the tastier things later this weekend.

I am trying to keep my grain servings to 1-2 a day. I usually have oats in the morning, and a grain serving at dinner. At first, it was really difficult. I really wanted to eat bread. Somehow, it's gotten easier, and there have been several days when I ate only the oats. I have been stuck on one particular salad at lunchtime:
broccoli slaw
an orange, cut up
black beans
dressing made with 1T orange juice, 1 T flavored vinegar, and 1/2 T jalapeno mustard
I eat other veggies too, but keep them separate because I just like the above combo so much. Yum. If I haven't had my serving of nuts with my oats, I put some nuts in there too. Good fat, you know.

I have lost a few pounds -- was 155.8 on the scale this morning. I went months without weighing myself last year, so I'm not sure when I've been down to this weight, but it's been a while.

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